Star Frontiers Revisited

The Story so Far part 2

On the surface of Volturnus the team found a poisoned well but managed to purify and add to their water supply. While holing up at the dome structure they worked on the robot and discovered that it was not as it appeared.

Outwardly it looked to be a level 3 mule bot but in reality was a search and destroy robot with a command trigger program that would upon receipt of the command phrase, “Orchid hates you.” would overwrite its mission to carry equipment and serve the team with the new mission of Search and destroy the Team. After a team meeting it was decided to attempt to change the hidden mission to “Protect the team.”

They left the command trigger in place but were forced to use it when a funnel worm tried to eat the robot while they traveled west. As morning arose and they prepared to take shelter from the sun they spotted the glint of metal to the northeast.

With the new nightfall they traveled in the new direction and located a Thruster Class privateer ship. It had landed but been partially swallowed by a sink hole then stripped and salvaged. Approaching it carefully they became aware of 1 observer in the sand dunes. V’Tok played bait while the others circled to get behind. Which was just as well since it was an ambush by some of the same pirates. As the fight went bad for the pirates one ran off into the desert, another flew off with a jetcopter, and two were killed. As they stripped the bodies and regrouped at the ship V’Tok became certain that a sand storm was in the making and they decided to use the ship as shelter.



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