Bregut Regaria aka "Sprocket"


STR/STA: 51/49 DEX/RS: 59/51 INT/LOG: 75/75 PER/LDR: 45/45 IM: +6 RW: 30% +10%/level MW: 30% PS: +6

Right handed,

Movement Walking: 10m/t, Running: 30 m/t, Hourly: 4kph

Racial Abilities: Night Vision, Gliding, Battle rage 5%

Skill Areas Primary PSA: Piloting; Secondary PSAs Tech & Military

Skills: Technician 1, Computers 1, Projectile Weapons 2, Air Vehicles 2, Ground Vehicles 1

  1. Coveralls, Chronocom, Pocket flashlite, pocket multi tool, Gas mask, Sungoggles, Poly vox

ID cards(Both the original Streel ID and the newer one issued by PEST)

First Aid pack (good for 1 use of 1st aid subskill w/ 1 dose of biocort)

Techkit 12 kg

Machete 3kg, 3d10 damage, +10to hit,

Skein suit 1 kg 50 pts left

Gyrojet pistol 1kg, 2d10 damage, ROF 3, Range -/5/50/100/150, defense: inertia, ammo: 10

Autopistol: 2kg, Damage: 1d10/5d10, ROF 3(or 1 burst), Range: 5/15/30/60/150, defense: inertia, ammo: 13

Semi auto pistol 1.5kg, damage: 1d10, ROF 3, Range 5/15/30/60/150, defense: inertia, ammo: 20

2 doze grenades .2kg, 1 tangler grenade .1kg, 4 spare bullet clips .4kg

Total Wt carried: 21.2 kg (encumbered at 26kg)


Profession: Field Technician, Current Employer: Prospecting Exploration & Survey Team (PEST)-part of STreel corps Resource Acquisition Department (RAD)

Hargut Liniage, Ragaria Clan (gains +5% to conceal in natural environments)

NPC Contacts: Lucritia Dolores, a writer for The Star Republic

Bregut Regaria aka "Sprocket"

Star Frontiers Revisited Steven