Kahn Sur-Ock


STR/STA: 41/39 (current STA: 37) DEX/RS: 49/41 INT/LOG: 75/75 PER/LDR: 35/35 IM: +5 RW: 25% +10%/level MW: 25% PS: +5

Right handed,

Movement Walking: 10m/t, Running: 30 m/t, Hourly: 4kph

Racial Abilities: Night Vision, Gliding, Battle rage 5%, Life Enemy: Injustice

Skill Areas Primary PSA: Life Science; Secondary PSAs Scholar & Military

Skills: Medical 2 (58%), Physco-social 1, Martial Arts 2 (45%), Theology 1 (48%), Beam Weapon 1 (35%)

Equipment: Toga Like Robe, satchel, Chronocom, Pocket flashlite, pocket tool, Gas mask, Sungoggles, Poly vox

ID card (one issued by PEST), everflame lighter, incense, 8 days food

Medic kit 10 kg

Machete 3kg, 3d10 damage, +10to hit,

Skein suit 1 kg 40 pts left

Blast Pistol 1.5 kg, 4d10/ 2SEU, ROF 1, Range 5/15//-/, ammo: 18 SEU

4doze grenades .4kg, 6tangler grenade .6kg,

Total Wt carried: 16.5 kg (encumbered at 21kg)


Profession: Physch Medic, Current Employer: Prospecting Exploration & Survey Team (PEST)-part of STreel corps Resource Acquisition Department (RAD)

Notes: Member of the monk order: The Brothers, also disowned by family and clan Clan is Knar-Kenda- very aggressive and long time supporters of Anglann (Family of One), gain +5% melee weapons roll due to unusual fighting style.

During Kahn’s internship at a physch hospital an incident occurred that resulted in his leaving to join The Brothers where he studied Kalick na-Strum, also known as Yaz Fu. His family patriarch, being a staunch member of the Family of One, disowned him for joining the Brohters. he now wanders the Frontier seeking to right injustice and find truth. He joined the expedition to Volturnus based on a vision during his meditations.

Kahn Sur-Ock

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