Cygnus Omicron IX

Cygnus Omicron IX is the ninth moon of a gas giant in the Truane’s Star system. It is inhabitable and supports a profitable agricultural economy exporting food to Pale. It was originally colonized by independent farmers at the same time as Pale. For several generations they survived independently from Pale though on a subsistence level. As Pale grew and industrialized the pressure for greater sources of food led to its colonization of and assertion of colonial control over the moon. The original farming families resented the somewhat arrogant take over but welcomed the increase in infrastructure and wider market that Pale represented.

With the rise of the mega corp Streel its Resource Acquisition Division shifted its emphasis from finding new resources to acquiring known resources. Unfortunately for the farmers and colonist of Cygnus Omicron IX the agricultural resources of their moon is one such target for the company’s avarice.

Through campaign contributions and bribes RAD managed to insinuate itself into the administration of the colony and has instituted policies to drive out the independent farmers. The ultimate goal is total control of the agricultural output of the colony.

This gave rise to an independence movement and through an engineered crisis caused by corrupt colonial administrators which led to food riots on Pale the situation is now at a boiling point.

Lucritia Dolores of The Star Republic news zine has recently written articles accusing Streel of duplicity in the matter but proof is lacking.

Cygnus Omicron IX

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