First Sathar War

The sathar first appear in Truane’s Star and the call for the Second Common Muster goes out. However Pale and Cygnus Omicron IX fall forcing refugees to flee to Dixon’s Star. The Core Four races muster a space fleet commanded by Admiral Morgaine while the sathar advance on Dixon’s Star and ravage the system.

Morgaine assembles his fleet at Pregular to prevent the sathar gaining access to heavier population worlds than Pale represented. He stops their advance cold but purchases the destruction of the sathar fleet with his life.

The citizens of Prengular rename the second inhabitable planet of their system after Admiral Morgaine in honor of his accomplishment. The sathar retreat the remnants of their forces leaving behind ravaged worlds in two star systems and tens of thousands of attack monsters on Pale.

In the after math the United Planetary Federation and Space Fleet are formed.

First Sathar War

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