Pan Galactic Corporation

To supply the needs of the Frontier the first interstellar business company, Pan Galactic Corporation, was formed. It developed interest everywhere, from scientific research to farming to space ship building. PGC even created its own language, Pan Gal, which soon became the most common language of all the races in the Frontier. Many large companies which started latter were modeled on PGC, but none approach the size and power of Pan Galactic Corporation.

Pan Galactic Corporation actually facilitated the rise of other emerging mega corps as it became complacent in its position as the king of corporations. Other businesses used this against PGC to carve out market share for themselves and begin to compete on an interstellar level.

Consensus has it that the PGC is the largest business entity in the Frontier, but no factual data has been released to support this belief. The PGC has offices on nearly every inhabited planet, but has now confined most of its operations to financial areas, industrial research, funding Frontier explorations, loans for business ventures, investments, the backing of new governments, and so forth.

Headquarters: Port Loren, Gran Quivera, Prengular system

Chief Executive: Chang Kim Lee (human)

Subsidaries: PGC owns innumerable small and medium sized corporations, including Trojan Enterprises on Kraatar

Allies: Galactic Task Force Inc.

Enemies: Streel Corporation, MercCo

Occasional Opposition: CDC, Capellan Free Merchants

Pan Galactic Corporation

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