Space Fleet

Space Fleet is the naval arm of the United Planetary Federation in the Frontier.

Spacefleet was formed after the First Sathar War, to defend the Four Races of the Frontier from all external foes. The fleet has been equipped with a series of fast and modern ships, the mightiest of which are the three battleships: Admiral Clinton, Admiral Morgaine and Admiral Harsevoort.

Each of these battleships is the flagship of a fleet task force. Task Force Cassidine (flagship: Admiral Harsevoort) is centered at Triad; Task Force Prenglar (flagship: Admiral Morgaine) is based at the UPF base orbiting Morgaine’s World; and Strike Force NOVA (flagship: Admiral Clinton) has a home base at Gran Quivera, but spends much time patrolling the travel lanes of the Frontier.

Many smaller strike forces and patrol groups are active throughout the. Frontier. The composition of these task forces does not remain constant, as ships are often reassigned from one group to the other. The patrol groups usually consist of one or two assault scouts and a frigate. Small strike forces often contain several frigates, a destroyer and a light cruiser.

Spacefleet maintains four fortified space stations orbiting Minotaur (Theseus), Ken’zah Kit (K’aken Kar), Hentz (Araks), and Gran Quivera (Prengular).

Space Fleet

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