Volturnus Mission Briefing

Zebulon System Brief

The system brief on Zebulon was handled by Saleck Chin, an aging scientist with [[Exploration & Sciences Organization]]. He is a civilian contractor for the Pale Aerospace Command and resents Streel taking over a project he had long been involved in. He’s prepared hard copy reports on Zebulon and Volturnus for all team members but will not read it to them, only covering high points before fielding questions. He seemed to not speak his mind concerning Streel in a public forum like this. He was also close friends with one of the missing scientist, Geeko-Sur-Mang.

Volturnus Survey Expedition II Mission Brief

The brief for the survey mission was handled by a dralasite named Nocoran. He was rude and abrupt and addressed the issue of the forced transfers to PEST with undisguised glee even going so far as to threaten anyone with being drafted to the Peace Keepers if they objected. He reading the mission objectives, stated that the mission assets are listed on the report he’s holding. He’ll inform the PCs that they can write a requisition for additional equipment and submit it through the proper company channels. (Streel employees were fairly well aware that that could take as much as a week) or see the quartermaster sergeant form PAC The briefing with ended with, “if you have any questions text them to my com # and your shuttle departs in 20 hours.” He didn’t give his com number but did drop the one copy of his brief on the podium and walked out.

Mission Objectives

Catalog flora & fauna

Survey, map and identify locations for colonial and economic development

Identify prominent mineral and other natural resources of economic importance

Ascertain the fate of the Volturnus Survey Expedition I and effect rescue if possible

Establish friendly relations with any primitive sentient race should one exist

Secure an advanced base of operations

Mission Assets

Modified drop buildings modules which are fairly standard drop home/domiciles with living quarters, computers room, lab and operations as well as a vehicle garage equipped with power generator, workshop, explorer, and a semi-rigid dirigible with gondola. There is also a communications relay tower that will boost communication’s ranges.

Water purifiers, 12 months supply of food (mission is only 3 months but 12 months provided in case survivors of the first mission located) 5 standard med kits, 3 cases of vita salt pills and standard survival gear.

6 robots: 4 security robots & 2 mule bots

2 cases of Geo-seismic blasting explosives and detonators

1 standard arsenal of defensive & offensive weapons and equipment

Volturnus Mission Briefing

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