Volturnus Survey Expedition I

Sent to investigate the planet Volturnus and set up a base camp to facilitate further exploration. Contact was lost with the expedition and their transport, the Ramada Dawn, two days after its arrival in system.

The four members of this lost exploration expedition were:

Commander Luis V. Jameson; Human, 1.9 meters tall, 88 kilograms weight, 43 years old Background: 22 years service Pale Aerospace Command; combat veteran, Truane’s Star Medal of Valor; commander two previous exploration missions.

Geeko-Sur-Mang Professor of Geology, Capitol University; Yazirian, 2.1 meters tall, 50 kilograms weight, 52 years old. Background: Recognized authority in geophysics, specialist in planetary crust formation

Itklikdil, Cartographer, Vrusk Atlas Manufacturing Corporation; Vrusk female, 1.5 meters height, 85 kilograms weight, 32 years old; Background: Ph.D., experienced explorer and cartographer; loaned to exploration mission by employer in exchange for Volturnus mapping rights.

Technician Grod, Truan’s Star Civil Service; Dralasite, 1.3 meters height, 65 kilograms weight, 85 years old, Background: Developer, hydro-magnetic stabilization system in Dralasite air cars; author, ’’The Metaphysical Foundations of Dralasite Morality’‘

Volturnus Survey Expedition I

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