Volturnus Survey Expediton II

Co opted by Streel the Volturnus Survey Expedition II was cobbled together quickly with forced transfers of low level personnel from other departments to Streel’s Prospecting Exploration and Survey Team.

The team’s objectives were:

1. Catalog flora & fauna 2. Survey, map and identify locations for colonial and economic development 3. Identify prominent mineral and other natural resources of economic importance 4. Ascertain the fate of Volturnus Survey Expedition I and effect rescue if possible 5. Establish friendly relations with any primitive sentient race should one exist 6. Secure an advanced base of operations

The team’s assets were:

Modified drop buildings modules which are fairly standard drop home/domiciles with living quarters, computers room, lab and operations as well as a vehicle garage equipped with power generator, workshop, explorer, and a semi-rigid dirigible with gondola. There is also a communications relay tower that will boost communication’s ranges.

Water purifiers, 12 months supply of food (mission is only 3 months but 12 months provided in case survivors of the first mission located) 5 standard med kits, 3 cases of vita salt pills and standard survival gear.

6 robots: 4 security robots & 2 mule bots

2 cases of Geo-seismic blasting explosives and detonators

1 standard arsenal of defensive & offensive weapons and equipment

Discovered latter on the surface of Volturnus was a custom built “hackers” hand computer

Volturnus Survey Expediton II

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