Welcome, This game started in 2009 around a kitchen table and due to some scheduling challenges moved to online. It’s currently being played online with the option to run big encounters at a kitchen table or when scheduling challenges free up.

I’m using published materials as a springboard but departing from them to avoid predictability, turning and twisting things to suit the needs of the group and taking a new look at the old school adventures with a look to breathing a fresh breeze into them.

Some house rules: “A Skilled Frontier” written by Bill Logan and published in Star Frontiersman #9 (see http://www.starfrontiersman.com/ ) Alpha Dawn and Knight Hawk rules are the standard of play and any equipment in those volumes is considered standard. The game is being run from the stand point that the Rim and its races have not yet made contact with the Frontier so most Zeb’s material is not part of this campaign or setting (though that could change)

Digitally remastered copies of the rules are available from the Star Frontiersman site as well (with WOTC’s tacit permission). Another fine resource is http://starfrontiers.us

Star Frontiers Revisited

Steven petedeli