STR/STA: 40/40 DEX/RS: 50/50 INT/LOG: 60/60 PER/LDR: 35/30 IM: +5 RW: 25% +10%/level MW: 25% PS: +4

Movement Walking: 15m/t, Running: 35m/t, Hourly: 6kph

Racial Abilities: Ambidexterous, Comprehension 15%

Skill Areas Primary PSA: Scout; Secondary PSAs Tech & Military

Skills: Survival 2, Navigation 1, Stealth 1, Beam Weapons 2, Robotics 1

  1. Coveralls, Chronocom, Pocket flashlite, pocket multi tool, Gas mask, Sungoggles, Poly vox

ID cards(Both the original Streel ID and the newer one issued by PEST)

Robcom kit 10 kg (carried by robot), Enviro kit: 10 kg

Machete 3kg, 3d10 damage, +10to hit,

8 days of food

Skein suit 1 kg 39 pts left

Vibroknife 1 kg, 2d10 damage, +5 to hit, 1SEU/hit, 16 SEU left

Laser Pistol 1 kg, Damage 1d10/SEU- max is 10 SEU, ROF 2, Range 5/20/50/100/200, defense: albedo, Ammo: 7 SEU

2 doze grenades .2kg, 1 tangler grenade .1kg, 4 spare bullet clips .4kg

Total Wt carried: 16.7 kg (encumbered at 20kg)


Profession: Field Technician, Current Employer: Prospecting Exploration & Survey Team (PEST)-part of STreel corps Resource Acquisition Department (RAD)

NPC Contacts: Ch’sR T’Seck of House Ch’sR. T’Seck is T’Vok’s cousin and his expertise is in accounting.


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