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In a region of the Milky Way Galaxy very distant from Earth during a time not long from now a human colony expedition awoke from cryo to discover they were not where they intended and that they had know idea where Earth was. Troubling as this was it didn’t change the fact that they had set out to establish humanity else where in the galaxy so they carried on with that mission.

The region of space they found themselves in also was inhabited by two other sentient races that had recently contacted each other; the vursk and the dralasites. Once contact was established between the three via sub space radio knowledge transfer quickly led to effective interstellar jump drives and contact. This inaugurated a golden age of exploration, colonization and scientific advancement. During that time a fourth sentient race, the yazirians, turned up fleeing the cosmic destruction of their birth planet. Together these four races founded the Frontier

The first mega corporation, Pan Galactic Corporation, evolved and established a near universal trade language, Pan Gal, as well as spearheading the establishment of time and monetary standards to facilitate commerce. Other corporations set their sites on mega corp status and managed to stake out areas of market share due to PGC’s complacency as she began to rest upon her laurels.

Into this situation entered entered a marauding pirate fleet that led to the First Common Muster. Within two years of that event the sathar invaded bent of genocidal destruction. The desperation of that and the ineffectiveness of the Second Common Muster led to the formation of the United Planetary Federation and Space Fleet. Admiral Morgaine’s sacrificial stand in the Pregular system stopped the sathar, who retreated from the Frontier.

In the aftermath of the Sathar War (future generations would call it the First Sathar War) new exploration was largely halted out of fear of triggering another event like the Sathar War. The worlds of the Frontier repaired and healed the devastation.

Pale hard hit in the war took an especially long time to turn its attention to new planetary discovery on its borders: Volturnus in the Zebulon system. However, domestic unrest (food riots) and colonial troubles made spending money on new exploration unpopular and the emerging mega corporation, Streel, was ready to step in and co-op the discovery.

With the disappearance of the Volturnus Survey Expedition I, Streel cobbled together a shoe string budget expedition, Volturnus Survey Expediton II.

Main Page

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